August 2016 Top Producers

Professionalism & Productivity

We expect the highest level of professionalism, drive, and determination out of our agents at RE/MAX Estate Properties. It is now that time when we announce those agents who have gone above and beyond in the month of August. We take incredible pride in our list of Top Producing agents as they perfectly emulate the highest standards of what it means to be a RE/MAX agent. We congratulate each Top Producing agent and team on their tremendous hard work. As they continue to raise the bar even higher, we look forward to what next month will bring! [Read more…]

Kindness Series Spotlight: Selling Houses, Saving Cheetahs


RE/MAX Estate Properties’ Kindness Series

Highlighting those acts of humanity, compassion, and generosity selflessly spurred by individuals in our offices and beyond.


Image from the Cheetah Conservation Fund Website – Click Here

Did you know cheetahs are one of the world’s most endangered species? There are only about 9,000 to 12,000 cheetahs remaining in the wild. It’s one of the reasons RE/MAX Estate Properties’ very own Elizabeth Marquart became involved in helping the cheetah survive. [Read more…]

New Construction & Strand Properties: Looking Back at DIGS’ interview with James Sanders

Soaring Strand Prices

In May of this year, you probably saw South Bay DIGS’ video interview with James Sanders, co-owner of RE/MAX Estate Properties. If you didn’t, check it out above. We learned about James’ upbringing in the real estate world alongside his mother, brother and sister, and the once-upon-a-time beginnings of our RE/MAX franchise. Now with over 700 agents in 18 offices, the family business has only become stronger with age. [Read more…]